Follow-up to my feelings quote yesterday

Apparently, there were several people yesterday who took my quote about never being ashamed to show your feelings differently than I intended. My intent was to simply mean to be yourself, don’t hide your emotions about things, situations or other people around you so that you hide your true self.

I did not mean it to say that drug addicts, thieves, etc are entitled to showing any feeling they have.

I will try to be more thoughtful in the future i regards to what I post so that it not taken the wrong way.

Have  nice day.


Never Be Afraid to show what you feel

Feelings are OK!

I wanted to share something which had some meaning. I think this quote says it perfectly. Each person is entitled to their own feelings. No one should be afraid to express what they feel.

Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: Effective Treatment Plan

Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine which typically occurs between the ages of 10 and 17 years of age. There are many paths one could embark on to treat the disorder, but the path depends a set of factors.

These factors are age at time of diagnosis, stage of skeletal maturity, and magnitude and pattern of curvature. These factors influence the rate of curvature progression, as well as deformity or morbidity later on in life.

There are three ways to treat Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) and they are observation, bracing and surgery. A doctor and patient decide together the best way to treat the problem. Generally, observation takes place until 30 degrees, bracing is usually for 30 to 40 degrees and while the skeleton is still growing, and finally surgery is saved for when the patient has stopped growing, the curves are 50 degrees or more.

So, the best treatment plan depends on many different factors and as a result there is not one go-to treatment plan to fit everyone.

Making Money

So, I have been a stay at home mom for years. I finally succeeded in getting a job interbiew today. I feel very confident that I got the job because the manager said to me:

If it wasn’t for these other interviews that I promised to do today, I would hire you on the spot

That makes me super excited!

Plus- I have work at home businesses that I am getting up and running! So here I got with a shameless plug for each of them! In the next day or two I am going to start selling Avon, too!

All natural candles with jewelry in them~

Jewelry in candles~ this one has sorts of jewelry!

Yes! I know this post has nothing to do with my intended purposes for this blog, but I am resh out of ideas of what to write about!
Well- I am off to do some math- bleh!

Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: How Effective are Braces in Treatment?

There has been an on-going debate for the last 50 years in the Scoliosis community in regards to back braces and whether they actually work. Recently, there was a study  published in The New England Journal of Medicine which asked that very same question.

The study looked at date on 242 patients from 25 different places in the United States and Canada.  All the patients had spinal curvatures between 20 and 40 degrees, plus they were all between the ages of 10 and 15 years old. researchers analyzed data on 242 patients at 25 sites across the United States and Canada. The reason this age range was chosen to work with was because this is the age when most children are diagnosed with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis and it is also the age range where most children experience growth spurts. Of the 242 patients, 116 families were chosen to wear a brace for 18 hours a day. Also, I think it should be mentioned that because there were so few families in the bracing group, there was an additional group of 126 adolescents who got to chose for themselves if they got to wear a brace. 

For the purposes of this study, bracing was categorized as a failure if the spinal curve progressed to at least 50 degrees. This was chosen because at the 50 degree mark surgery is typically suggested.  On the other hand, when the child reached  skeletal maturity and the curve had not reached the curve progressing to the 50 degree mark, then bracing was deemed a success.

And what do you think the study showed?

Well, the study was ended early because the effectiveness of wearing a brace was very apparent early in the study. When both groups were analyzed it was shown that  the rate of treatment success was 72 percent among children with bracing, while there was 48 percent treatment success among those under observation. The longer the brace was worn, the greater the benefit. The study showed that more than 90 percent of the children in the study who were successfully treated were the ones who wore their braces more than 13 hours a day..


Today is a day to celebrate!

No headaches!

No twitching!

No pain in my eye from the lights!

No issues with sensation!

Cheers to a much improved day for me and my Multiple Sclerosis!

Multiple Sclerosis

I came across a poem about Multiple Sclerosis and thought I would share it.


Strong but then weak
Happy but then sad
Sometimes feeling hopeful
Always dreading the bad

Scared and uncertain,
Where will it end?
Way too frightened
To peer past the bend

Why has life dealt me
This terrible blow?
I used to feel great
But now I feel low

I feel so frustrated
And angry, unsure
Will I ever experience
Life ‘as before’?

I know I am loved
And people, they care
So why do I feel lonely
And no-one is there?

This illness is evil
Seeps right through my soul
I want to feel warmth
But it leaves me so cold

I have to believe
That my strength will endure
I will deal with this illness
Though I know there’s no cure

I know I can’t beat it
But I know I can cope
I don’t want your sympathy
I just want some hope

So I’ll smile and I’ll laugh
And make sure I survive
I’m ME — a good person
And I’m very much alive.

I have included the link for those who want to view it with the music.