Multiple Sclerosis

I came across a poem about Multiple Sclerosis and thought I would share it.


Strong but then weak
Happy but then sad
Sometimes feeling hopeful
Always dreading the bad

Scared and uncertain,
Where will it end?
Way too frightened
To peer past the bend

Why has life dealt me
This terrible blow?
I used to feel great
But now I feel low

I feel so frustrated
And angry, unsure
Will I ever experience
Life ‘as before’?

I know I am loved
And people, they care
So why do I feel lonely
And no-one is there?

This illness is evil
Seeps right through my soul
I want to feel warmth
But it leaves me so cold

I have to believe
That my strength will endure
I will deal with this illness
Though I know there’s no cure

I know I can’t beat it
But I know I can cope
I don’t want your sympathy
I just want some hope

So I’ll smile and I’ll laugh
And make sure I survive
I’m ME — a good person
And I’m very much alive.

I have included the link for those who want to view it with the music.


So, what did you think?

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