Follow-up to my feelings quote yesterday

Apparently, there were several people yesterday who took my quote about never being ashamed to show your feelings differently than I intended. My intent was to simply mean to be yourself, don’t hide your emotions about things, situations or other people around you so that you hide your true self.

I did not mean it to say that drug addicts, thieves, etc are entitled to showing any feeling they have.

I will try to be more thoughtful in the future i regards to what I post so that it not taken the wrong way.

Have  nice day.


Never Be Afraid to show what you feel

Feelings are OK!

I wanted to share something which had some meaning. I think this quote says it perfectly. Each person is entitled to their own feelings. No one should be afraid to express what they feel.

Making Money

So, I have been a stay at home mom for years. I finally succeeded in getting a job interbiew today. I feel very confident that I got the job because the manager said to me:

If it wasn’t for these other interviews that I promised to do today, I would hire you on the spot

That makes me super excited!

Plus- I have work at home businesses that I am getting up and running! So here I got with a shameless plug for each of them! In the next day or two I am going to start selling Avon, too!

All natural candles with jewelry in them~

Jewelry in candles~ this one has sorts of jewelry!

Yes! I know this post has nothing to do with my intended purposes for this blog, but I am resh out of ideas of what to write about!
Well- I am off to do some math- bleh!


Today is a day to celebrate!

No headaches!

No twitching!

No pain in my eye from the lights!

No issues with sensation!

Cheers to a much improved day for me and my Multiple Sclerosis!

New Year, New Blog

Hello to all of my readers! Welcome to the first post on my new blog! I have created many blogs over the years and each time I have debated on creating a blog with my name on it. I have never been sure if I wanted to be anonymous on the web or known by my real name. Well, after much thought- I have decided that I want to be known! Because what is the point of writing and getting out there, if I chose to remain anonymous?

My dream is to get my writing published, someday. I had thought I could write a book, but I find that I do not have as much time as I would like to devote to writing a long book. So, now I am thinking of writing an anthology of related short stories. I have also awesome long papers, but they have been for school and not because I felt passionate about a topic.

As it is New Years’ Day, I thought that I would share some thoughts on this past year. In one word 2013 was just crap. I think the reason I think it has been just crap is because I was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

But, even though I have that diagnosis I am still continuing with my classes online, homeschooling my daughter and life in general. The only thins that may be different is that I would need to have a sit down type job. The reason is that my MS causes issues with my right side of the body.

Well- have a great New Year!